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Hi all!

This is a quick post to promote a new blog site, FetLife.

Whilst at first blush it looks like or collarme, it is in fact modelled after such places as Facebook and Myspace.

I'm in there for social reasons myself as I don't find sweeties in online sites, but others may want to, or just hang out :-)

There are a number of active communities in there.

The Beauty Myth

I've been reading a book entitled The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf. Though my publication is nearly twenty years old, I think its message is still potent.

Since we've got a great group of free-thinkers here, I'd like to know what your feelings are on feminine attractiveness:
what it means to you;
how it has affected you;
what you may have observed in society;
what you think it means for women in general;

x-posted, because I want to hear what people really, honestly feel about women and beauty in modern culture.

Please forward: " MEDIA RELEASE: Bracks rules out civil unions + Snap Action"

MEDIA RELEASE: Bracks rules out civil unions + Snap Action
Civil Union Action (CUA)

Bracks rules out civil unions
Snap action to protest discrimination

For Immediate Release: 4 October 2006

The Melbourne-based human rights group, Civil Union Action! (CUA), will hold a protest this Friday to denounce comments by Premier Steve Bracks yesterday confirming that the Government is opposed to civil unions for same-sex couples.

Responding to a question from Nationals leader Peter Ryan, Mr Bracks told Parliament, "Whilst we do not support legislation for civil unions, we do support removing discrimination."

The comments came as the Government explicitly ruled out a debate on Independent Andrew Olexander's Civil Unions Bill before the election.

"The Premier's comments reveal an unwillingness to support equal rights for same-sex couples," CUA spokesperson Mr Kloprogge said.

"It's deeply disappointing that the Government thinks certain couples deserve respect and recognition, and others should be excluded and ignored," Mr Kloprogge said.

Mr Kloprogge also said the Premier got it wrong on Victoria's record of gay law reform.

"Mr Bracks says Victorian law is 'second to none' in Australia for supporting same-sex couples. In truth, the ACT and Tasmania have surpassed us in recent years by introducing some form of civil unions," Mr Kloprogge said.

CUA will hold a protest this Friday at ALP state headquarters.

"Same-sex couples will show Mr Bracks what real love looks like," concluded Mr Kloprogge.


Media contact:
John Kloprogge 0422 913 942


Details of protest:

WHAT: A demo to protest the civil unions decision
WHERE: ALP Headquarters, 360 King Street, West Melbourne (Near Flagstaff Station)
WHEN: Friday 6 October @ 5.30pm


Hansard, 3.10.06:

Fwd: Queer Sex Magic/Mysticism Anthology

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Heads up. I'm compiling an anthology to be published (I assume, at this point) through a self-publishing service such as Lulu. I am looking for articles, illustrations, short stories and poetry that treats of queer sex magick and sex mysticism. I don't care whether you're Thelemic, Wiccan, Discordian, whatever. I have a feeling that I will get a lot of material from gay males, which is fine, but I also need as much stuff as possible from lesbian, genderqueer/transgender etc. perspectives. Personally I will be writing about magick involving the manipulation of gender. If anyone is interested, send me an email at

Pro-choice rally in Brisbane

Forwarded from aus_feminism:

Tomorrow night, Tuesday August 22nd from 6.45pm there will be a pro-choice rally outside the All Saints Centre on the corner of Wickham and Ann St to protest against Terri Heering at a 'Right to Life' organised forum. Heering is an anti-choice campaigner from the U.S. who campaigns to shut down abortion clinics, overturn the Roe vs Wade decision in the courts and ban the use of contraceptives. On the flyer advertising the event she boasts to have successfully shut down 5 abortion clinics in Mississipi, and her appearance at the All Saints Centre on Tuesday night will no doubt cover strategies to achieve the same result here in Australia.

She will be speaking at the All Saints Centre at 7.30pm so people wanting to attend to protest outside should try and get there for 6.45pm.

Anyone who has contacts to other groups who would be interested in coming should please forward this.

Written porn vs. visual porn

Hey all,

Thanks to those who commented on the last post - i enjoyed reading people's responses, which to me showed the poverty of notions of sexual homogeneity. :-)

Yesterday i came across an entry in Susie Bright's blog entitled "A Sex Writer's Defense of Visual Porn". Since we have a number of writers of porn/erotica/sexually explicit material in this community, i was wondering what people thought of the points made by Greta Christina in her article?


superbbluewren has recently started up a Yahoo! group called OzMarriedGays; below is a blurb about the group.



A new online support group has been started for same sex attracted people in
Australia and New Zealand who are, or have been, in a heterosexual marriage.
There is no agenda for this group but to provide a safe space for people in
this situation to talk about their issues and to learn from the experience of
others. The address of the group is

If you are are a person attracted to others of the same sex but you are in a
heterosexual marriage, then you will find others in this group who you can
talk to who are in a similar situation. If you know someone in this
situation, please let them know about this group.