Journal of a chronic edge-case (flexibeast) wrote in pleasureact,
Journal of a chronic edge-case

Pro-choice rally in Brisbane

Forwarded from aus_feminism:

Tomorrow night, Tuesday August 22nd from 6.45pm there will be a pro-choice rally outside the All Saints Centre on the corner of Wickham and Ann St to protest against Terri Heering at a 'Right to Life' organised forum. Heering is an anti-choice campaigner from the U.S. who campaigns to shut down abortion clinics, overturn the Roe vs Wade decision in the courts and ban the use of contraceptives. On the flyer advertising the event she boasts to have successfully shut down 5 abortion clinics in Mississipi, and her appearance at the All Saints Centre on Tuesday night will no doubt cover strategies to achieve the same result here in Australia.

She will be speaking at the All Saints Centre at 7.30pm so people wanting to attend to protest outside should try and get there for 6.45pm.

Anyone who has contacts to other groups who would be interested in coming should please forward this.

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