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Please forward: " MEDIA RELEASE: Bracks rules out civil unions + Snap Action"

MEDIA RELEASE: Bracks rules out civil unions + Snap Action
Civil Union Action (CUA)

Bracks rules out civil unions
Snap action to protest discrimination

For Immediate Release: 4 October 2006

The Melbourne-based human rights group, Civil Union Action! (CUA), will hold a protest this Friday to denounce comments by Premier Steve Bracks yesterday confirming that the Government is opposed to civil unions for same-sex couples.

Responding to a question from Nationals leader Peter Ryan, Mr Bracks told Parliament, "Whilst we do not support legislation for civil unions, we do support removing discrimination."

The comments came as the Government explicitly ruled out a debate on Independent Andrew Olexander's Civil Unions Bill before the election.

"The Premier's comments reveal an unwillingness to support equal rights for same-sex couples," CUA spokesperson Mr Kloprogge said.

"It's deeply disappointing that the Government thinks certain couples deserve respect and recognition, and others should be excluded and ignored," Mr Kloprogge said.

Mr Kloprogge also said the Premier got it wrong on Victoria's record of gay law reform.

"Mr Bracks says Victorian law is 'second to none' in Australia for supporting same-sex couples. In truth, the ACT and Tasmania have surpassed us in recent years by introducing some form of civil unions," Mr Kloprogge said.

CUA will hold a protest this Friday at ALP state headquarters.

"Same-sex couples will show Mr Bracks what real love looks like," concluded Mr Kloprogge.


Media contact:
John Kloprogge 0422 913 942


Details of protest:

WHAT: A demo to protest the civil unions decision
WHERE: ALP Headquarters, 360 King Street, West Melbourne (Near Flagstaff Station)
WHEN: Friday 6 October @ 5.30pm


Hansard, 3.10.06:

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