Sexual mythology

There seems to be a 'common understanding' that there are some things that are inherently sexy: for example, silk sheets, or waterbeds. Now personally, i don't like the feel of silk sheets at all, and would much rather play around on a bed covered in freshly washed linen. Nor do i find waterbeds sexy; i find their lack of firmness to be an active block to sexual activity.

Do people here feel similarly less-than-enthusiastic about other things that are consistently portrayed as inherently sexy?

Fwd: Civil Union Action!

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Were you annoyed when the federal government stuck their nose in our business? Do you think that any couple should be able to access the legal benefits of marriage, whether they're gay or straight? Wow, that's great, so do I! That's why I'll be going to this protest action on Monday. Sure, the ACT Civil Unions Act 2006 is dead in the water, but the fight isn't over. I heard a rumour that our local government might try again with some kind of relationship registration scheme like Tasmania has, and I want to show my support. If you've got nothing better to do at noon on Monday in Canberra, come on and join us outside the Legislative Assembly (it's across the road from Cube and left a bit). We're going to wave some banners and flags and walk into Civic. We might even start singing that song about going to the chapel, who knows?

And there's another one on Monday in Sydney, at Taylor Square, Oxford St Darlinghurst.

Come on, it'll be fun.

police raid private swing/kink club

this bulletin appeared on local lists

The following is a press release from the owners of Purgatory.

"On Wednesday 14th June, Gemini club which is also the home of Purgatory
the Dungeon, was raided by police.
The owners have been accused of running an unlicensed brothel.
A brothel is a place where people go and pay money to the employees for
sexual gratification.
Gemini and Purgatory are not brothels - people are not paid, nor do they pay
for sexual gratification at either of these clubs.
Gemini and Purgatory are clubs for people who choose to live an alternative
lifestyle - both quite different, but both needing a clean and safe venue
for their activities.

Gemini is a swingers club, a place where people come to meet others who
share their interests and activities. People pay for the privilege of having
somewhere clean and safe to go to. It is much like meeting someone and going
to a motel room, paying the price and using the facilities. There is never
any guarantee of sexual gratification for any attendees, but whatever
happens behind the doors is negotiated between the consenting adults.

Purgatory is a BDSM club. It is where like minded people who follow this
type of alternative lifestyle can get together for social evenings. The
emphasis is on catching up with friends more than anything else, though
other activities do take place, they are not the main focus. The members pay
an entrance fee to use the facilities, which provides them with a clean,
safe environment to play in.
The patrons do play using the equipment and various adult toys such as
paddles, floggers and blindfolds, to name a few - all of which can be found
in any adult shop. Everything is negotiated between consenting adults -
including safety measures and safe words which are used to stop all play
activities. The emphasis is always on safe, sane and consensual.

BDSM, like swinging, is a lifestyle choice, and though it is not what
mainstream society deems to be normal, it is by no means wrong or weird,
just different.
It is time that people in general were more accepting of alternative
lifestyles, just because we choose to be different should we be ostracised,
prosecuted or forced to go underground as we were pre 1980's?
Surely today's society - which claims to be so multicultural and open minded
to different ethnic customs and lifestyles - can also embrace the fact that
Australians can practice alternative ways of life as well.

We are not weird, or wrong and we are not law breakers - we are just

Basically our right to practice alternative lifestyle is being threatened.
Our right to flog someone in public is being threatened, according to the
law, we are practising prostitution - gaining sexual gratification from a
public act.

Purgatory WILL run as normal on Sunday 18th June, but there will be a
meeting beforehand - at 5pm - to discuss this latest attack on our
lifestyle. We are looking for support to help change the laws. This will
affect every single club and play party in Victoria and we need to stop
these threats now.
If you would like to attend this meeting, please email either Master or
myself off list to let us know of your intention to come along.
Please come if you can."

Purgatory's website is at:

My view: the police are probably up to their predictable tricks: they'll shake down or harass who they can. People will listen to their twisted justifications unless their consciousness has been raised.

Things are complicated locally by our version of The Spanner Law: a response to family violence has been that one cannot consent to certain physical acts, therefore we are all dependent on those who sub or bottom not going to the cops. Not that they usually lay charges, mind, but there you have it.

I'll be going to the meeting.

Fwd: PRIDE! Come join us!

The 17th Annual Lesbian & Gay Pride "Rally, March & Fair" Day is two
weeks early this year:
- Saturday 17th June -
so I welcome support from all other announcers to let their listeners
know about this.

Like 4ZZZ - Pride is 100% volunteer run as a community service - and as
opposed to the commercially driven "Big Gay Day" - Pride is quite
literally the ultimate all-ages, family & friends, celebratory event. It's
also a vital and very public display of community solidarity.

Below are all the relevant details and below that is an urgent appeal
from the Pride Collective for volunteers for the 17th.

NB: 4ZZZ's veteran "Dykes On Mykes" presenter Deb Murphy will be Master
of Ceremonies at the Rally

Pride Rally, March and Fair Day Saturday 17 June, 10am-8pm - all people
and all-ages are welcome
Rally: King George Square, Brisbane City, 10am
March: Departs Brisbane City, approximately 11am
Fair Day: Musgrave Park, South Brisbane, 10am-8pm
Adults at the Fair will pay $5 Entry
Under-18's and Pride Members enter FREE of charge

The Pride website is