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Pleasure Activism Australia LJ community

Pleasure Activism Australia
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Pleasure Activism Australia is a not-for-profit community group for sex-positive, pro-feminist people of any gender who believe in advocating consensual sexual pleasure for adults and who believe in the power of consensual sexuality to transform our society. Although the group is oriented towards Australia, people from anywhere in the world who support the goals of the group are welcome to join and participate in the community.

Due to sexuality-related content, this is an adults-only group. Therefore, when applying for membership, please ensure that your full birth date is listed in your user info - otherwise, your application will have to be rejected. :-(

As a pro-feminist community, we will NOT tolerate posts or comments which blame the victims of abuse and rape. Consequently, any community member who writes such posts and/or comments will be given a warning the first time they do so; the next time, they will be banned from the community.

Community members may post material to this community which might be regarded as erotic or pornographic. (Indeed, members are encouraged to do so.) Because this community believes in promoting sex-positivity, it is not the policy of this community to ask such entries to be hidden behind LJ cuts. Therefore, you may wish to consider creating an LJ filter to ensure that this community's entries are only visible when appropriate.

When commenting on the smut people post to this group, please note that negative comments about people's attractiveness are not permitted. Despite what the media would have us believe, attractiveness is highly subjective: different people have different tastes, and this community is not a Hot or not-type site. And in any event, celebrating diversity is part of what pleasure activism is about. :-)

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